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Special Needs Patients

Our team at Pediatric Dental Professionals is extensively trained in providing positive experiences for children with special needs, regardless of the disability. 

Patients with special needs require special care and attention.  A pediatric dentist undergoes additional training and education to equip him or herself to provide essential dental care to those patients with physical or cognitive challenges.  

Many special needs patients suffer from a higher risk for dental disease due to limitations in their ability to perform good oral hygiene at home.  Certain medications also increase the risk for cavities and gum disease by causing severely dry mouths.  Consistent dental visits with preventive care is of utmost importance for anyone with special needs.

In-office care for a special needs patient may involve longer appointments and more frequent visits to maintain good oral health.  Some dental procedures may require the use of sedative medication to keep the patient as comfortable as possible.  Our team is committed to excellent compassionate care for every patient.

Our team also works with caregivers to provide the education and training they need to perform home care tasks for their special needs loved one.  Oral hygiene tasks can be challenging for those with physical disabilities or mental challenges.  Our dentists and dental hygienists will recommend specific tools and techniques to help caregivers keep their loved ones’ mouths clean and healthy.