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iTero Scanner

What is the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is an all-digital scanner that can complete a full-arch teeth scan in as little as 60 seconds. Dr. Robus and Dr. Robirds use the iTero scanner to get excellent and detailed digital impressions for study models, Invisalign treatment, and other appliances like retainers and expanders. It is an alternative to taking old-fashioned impressions that required patients to bite down on oozing, messy putty to create an accurate mold. These messy molds were also subject to many imperfections, tears, and voids which could affect the fit and efficacy of orthodontic hardware. With iTero, we can skip the goop and get a clean and precise digital impression.


How does the iTero scanning process work?

Our patients can relax while our team moves the scanning wand around your mouth. The scanning unit combines laser and LED light to record 3D images of your teeth and soft tissues. The iTero intraoral scanner captures 6,000 incredibly detailed and accurate images per second– which means your whole mouth scan is complete in just a matter of minutes!

Then, you’ll be able to view the impression of your mouth on a nearby screen. This review with Dr. Robirds invites you to participate in the process and will offer you a greater understanding of the orthodontic adjustments or appliances planned for your treatment. The 100% digital impression is then forwarded to our dental laboratory where custom Invisalign trays and orthodontic appliances are made to the exact specifications of our iTero, ensuring a perfect fit and great results!

An accurate and detailed dental impression is essential to many dental and orthodontic treatment plans. With iTero, everyone benefits! Your Doctors enjoy a more efficient process with less waste and an accurate result from our lab, while our patients receive a modernized experience with specialized care